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French balconies

Glass Adaptors in Glass Structures

Glass staircases, balconies, loggias, and terrace railings, equipped with glass adaptors, are a hallmark of modern and contemporary interior design. Toughened glass railings, bolstered by glass adaptors, offer a blend of functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. They enhance the architectural features of a space without obscuring or overshadowing, but rather by illuminating and visually opening up the area. 

Incorporating glass adaptors, these railings can be attached to the supporting structure either with frames or posts, or as frameless, full-glass constructions. However, frames can often be too cumbersome and suppress the visual impact of the glass adaptors. Consequently, frameless constructions with glass adaptors are gaining popularity. These adaptors serve as minimal supporting elements, maximizing the benefits of glass in terms of transparency and aesthetic appeal. 

The use of glass adaptors in private and public building designs, especially those made of stainless steel, is becoming increasingly popular. These glass adaptors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer sufficient load-bearing capacity and safety. 

Glass adaptors typically consist of a spacer with a cylindrical

Glass adptors - Strofix

or conical top head that sits flush with the glass surface.

Glass adaptors - Strofix


They connect the glass to the supporting structure and can be either fixed or adjustable in length. Available in various diameters, glass adaptors in construction are commonly used starting from 30 mm in diameter. 

Glass adaptors find their application in: 

  • Facade glazing; 
  • French balconies and french style balconies; 
  • Stair railings; 
  • Sliding and swinging glass doors;
  • In entrance canopy solutions and others.

For facade glazing, glass adaptors are often utilized in the "spider" system, ideal for creating fully glazed frameless facades. This principle can also be applied in glass railings for French balconies and French style balconies, where the glass is attached to railing posts with individual or double glass adaptors. 

Glass adaptor double

The application of glass adaptors in sliding and swinging glass doors ensures functionality, while their use in glass balconies, loggias, and stair railings with a modern French balcony design helps dissolve the boundaries in both interior and exterior design. 

Full-height windows are becoming increasingly popular in modern architecture, particularly in French-style and modern French balconies that start from the floor. Safety barriers are essential, especially on higher floors. The glass adaptors used in these settings are available in various colors, with black, white, gray, brown, and gold being the most popular. Additionally, these adaptors can be custom-made in different colors to match specific design needs, such as coordinating with the color of the window frames. View the Product

Glass adaptors - Strofix

Glass adaptors are an elegant, straightforward solution with extensive benefits, perfectly realizing the aesthetic potential of glass railings, balconies, and facades. Regardless of the underlying material – be it wood, concrete, or metal – glass with glass adaptors integrates seamlessly everywhere. 

Glass adaptors - Strofix

Glass canopy - Strofix

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